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“Nerds Do It Better has done wonders for our PPC campaign! They brought in more leads on their first month on the job than the past 6 months combined. Bravo!”

This Guide will show you how to accomplish your business goals with PPC. Learn from someone who has created revenue in excess of $3,254, 311 for companies with PPC In this FREE guide you will learn:

Page 4: Why keywords are not real and what users actually search for.
Page 8: How to get local and capture those local leads.
Page 12: How to use remarketing to get those customers back.

"Working with Nerds Do It Better has been a high-speed result oriented work experience that left us both more knowledgeable and more motivated to take our project to the next level!"

Focus On Leads and Sales Instead of Clicks

1. Find Your Business Goals

3. Write Ads That Work

2. Know the Match Types

You are probably not running your PPC campaign as a way to pay Google back for their services! You run your PPC campaign because you are a business and want to achieve business results . 

By default Google sets you up to match with words and phrases that you never intended to. Learn about the different match types for keywords and how you can use them to increase your return on ad spend.

Why do some ads get all of the clicks while others never seem to get clicked at all? We walk you through how to create highly performing ads that get the clicks and the sales in AdWords.

Stop losing money with ineffective Internet advertising

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17 PPC Optimization Tips

Receive 17 PPC Optimization Tips and learn specific strategies and tactics that focus on the business goals of  increasing leads and sales.

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Written for business owners and marketers who want to learn how to get leads and sales instead of just clicks. 

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